A work of art

A work of art

Queensland-based artist Evelyn Marina, the designer behind our Collage range's Mauve Art print, credits her colourful hand painted creations to Australian coast lines, nature and colourful beauties around the world. We caught up with Ev to find out about the processes that go into her dreamy works of art, namely her latest design, our Collage Styles.

Meet Ev

Where do you find inspiration?

Being close to the ocean is where I find my inspiration. I'm currently based on the Sunshine Coast and living within a 1-minute walk from the beach. I walk to the beach if I need a break, to reflect, to draw or just to stare at its beauty.

Tell us about this print.

I worked with former Head Designer Cyd Beard to create the Collage print. Cyd wanted something fun and fluid containing her favourite elements like boobs, squiggles and soft colours. The Collage print embodies the playful, fun essence of Finders Keepers the Label.

How do you overcome creative block?

Creative block is something I'm open to. I like to tackle it straight on and continue to work through it. I find there's a breakthrough within the mediocre work and something stand-out that you might not have reached if you didn't continue to work.

Where would you wear the collage styles?

The Collage pieces are easy trans-seasonal styles that I'd pair with a jacket on those cooler days or with my beloved blue Dr Martens Gryphon sandals in summer. I would wear this to an art event, drinks at my local bar or while having lunch in Noosa on a summer's day.

How long does it take to create each of your wearable art pieces?

Each piece depends on the complexity of the print. The Collage print was completed in stages. I painted the elements separately so that I could layer and create the final layout you can see on the garments. I find that completing a print like this in individual elements gives more freedom in post-production to vary colours, sizes, complete touch-ups and alter the overall layout. This print had a relatively quick turnaround as I was able to be creative in the shapes I created.

What is the first destination you wish to visit post-COVID? 

The destinations I'm wishing to visit internationally is travelling Croatia and Italy with my family again and skiing in Japan, a country I'm yet to explore!

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words by Georgia Mcleay